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Monroe Street Market Welcomes The banished? ARTillery to the Neighborhood

Located in what is becoming DC’s newest art-scene hot spot, Brooklands Monroe Street Market has started to truly show its potential. In addition to the trendy and stylish apartments, Monroe Street Market offers 27 artist work-studio’s to for artists to draw, paint, print, sculpt, weave or build all that their creative juices can muster. One of the art studios is occupied by banished? Productions; a non-profit organization backed by Fractured Atlas to become Brookland’s go-to, “meeting point for creative, and a workspace that fosters community, inspires collaboration and incubates ideas.” What did they decide to call it, you ask? None other than The banished? ARTillery.

This hub of artistry offers much more than you would expect. For example, the studio has a Tool Library where members can “check-out” tools. The ARTillery will also offer classes and workshops for subjects like: how to create an audiowalk, or how to build with salvaged, found materials, and others. Last but not least, The ARTillery will act as banished?’s new headquarters with a fabrication shop, gastro-lab, design studio, and even a retail area where you can buy banished? art, artifacts and more!

To show off their art skills, and offer a sneak peek into the new studio, banished? created a time-lapse video showing the play-by-play of their recent studio creation. Hope you enjoy it!