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Discover What Went Down at The Art in The Mix Festival

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Over 500 people attended our fabulous Art In The Mix Festival on October 26. Children and adults alike partook in the festivities exploring the 27 different artist studios, delicious local food and the Q&A and book signing with the famous photographer, the Sartorialist.

534279_533826243377392_1677323602_nImage Source: Monroe Street Market Facebook

While maintaining his calm demeanor, attendees picked the Sartorialist’s brain and had a blast discovering his photography secrets. In between asking away, attendees were able to enjoy a refreshing beer in the pop-up beer garden, courtesy of the local Washington City Paper, and sample local eats from gourmet food trucks. Children had a blast exploring the world of art and becoming their own artist at the festival, as well. Painting booths encouraged attendees to become inspired by their surroundings and create beautiful works.

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Image Source: Monroe Street Market Facebook

The art-inspired festival hosted music by The Deadmen and DJ Neekola who helped keep the large audience going until 5 p.m. With so much art, attendees were able to capture local artist’s visions, while exploring their own. Monroe Street Market was more than pleased with the event turnout and thanks all those who participated and made this event unforgettable.1450233_535932153166801_70837774_n

Image Source: Monroe Street Market Facebook

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