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Places to go and things to do when living in Brookland, DC.

What's Happening at Brookland Works? Peek Behind the Scenes in These Exclusive Videos!

NE Washington, DC is currently going through a massive revitalization and is arguably one of the most dynamic quadrants in the District today. With plenty of shops, restaurants, and nightlife destinations popping up almost daily, it’s quickly becoming an even more desirable location for potential residents!

With all of these awesome places of interest being developed comes the need to house the masses who wish to call NE DC home. NE boasts neighborhoods like Fort Totten, Ivy City, Kenilworth, Deanwood and more, but none come close to the cultural punch of Brookland.

Obviously, if you already call Monroe Street Market home, you’re well aware of the convenience of its location. Nestled right next to the Brookland-CUA Metro Station (Red Line) makes getting home a snap, and once you’re there, there’s no end to the amazing things that await you right outside your door.

One of the coolest things to do at Monroe Street Market is the Arts Walk through Brookland Works; it’s considered one of the major attractions for residents, even showing up in the tagline for the building: “Industrial-chic living above an industrious Arts Walk with artist studios”.

Check out the video below to take a quick walk through the Arts Walk, meet a resident artist, and check out the community! Stick around for more Brookland Works features after the jump.

Arts Walk Tour Video (2:45)

After perusing through the artists’ studios that line the ground floor between the Brookland Works buildings, you may have found you’ve worked up a bit of an appetite. If it’s a Saturday morning, you’re in luck!

The Historic Brookland Farmers Market takes place in front of the Brookland Works art studios every Saturday from 9-1 through November. We managed to snag a quick video of Nick Stavely, the manager of the farmers market to give us a little behind-the-scenes action.

Farmer’s Market (0:36)

Like Nick said, there’s plenty of vendors dishing up options for every person’s palate. From vegan to carnivore, there’s definitely something for everyone at this exciting weekly market!

All of this leads to one simple fact – if you live at Monroe Street Market, you’re already surrounded by the unique force of Washington, DC’s culture. Whether you participate or simply partake, it’s there for you to reach out and grab.

Want some more exclusive looks of Brookland Works? Check out the photo gallery here and stay tuned for more videos exploring the awesomeness that is Monroe Street Market! Give us a shout at 866-339-1487 to set up your appointment or to get more information today.