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Places to go and things to do when living in Brookland, DC.

The Best D.C. Bars To Warm Up in Near Monroe Street Market

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The holidays have arrived, and with them perhaps so have some guests from afar. Whether you’re hosting a few friends or your whole family for a few days in your D.C. apartment, we completely understand if you find yourself desiring, shall we say, some libations to unwind?

There are, of course, plenty of watering holes around Brookland and the greater D.C. area to keep you sane this holiday season – or simply relaxing gathering places where you can show off your ‘hood to your out-of-town guests. Whatever your reason, here are some of the best D.C. bars where you can shake off your winter chill and warm up surrounded by your loved ones near Monroe Street Market.

Good for Cocktails – Church & State

History buffs and cocktail enthusiasts alike love Church & State. This upstairs bar will take patrons back to revolutionary times but with contemporary quality and innovation for spirits. You can even join their Whiskey Club for more in-depth enjoyment! Church & State also boasts an acclaimed rotating cocktail menu, so you’re guaranteed to stay on your toes when you visit. A must-visit for libationists!

Good for Beers – Brookland Pint

A no-brainer: Brookland Pint is THE place for Brookland beer lovers. Residents of Monroe Street Market already know about this neighborhood gem, but it simply can’t be beat when it comes to great local craft beer. Plus, located just steps from your front door, you’re guaranteed a worry-free evening to enjoy your goblet, tulip, or pint!

Good for Food – Smith Public Trust

If you need some munchies to go along with your spirit, look no further than Smith Public Trust. This Brookland pub offers a fantastic array of drink specials as well as tavern-style dining options. Even better? It opens at noon every day, making it a reliable meeting spot for anyone looking for a great happy hour with friends.

Good for Atmosphere – Bar Pilar

Admittedly, Bar Pilar is in NW, but this art-adorned bar is dark, gritty, and completely palatable. It’s hard to pin down exactly what direction Bar Pilar is trying to head in, but with a cocktail menu that’ll knock your socks off plus a food menu that ranges from sweetbreads to lamb belly – you just can’t go wrong. Seating is limited, but once you’re there, you’ll feel right at home.

Don’t let the holidays get the best of you – if you’re looking for a chance to unwind before the family fireworks start over Christmas dinner, having these options in your back pocket will assuredly keep you grounded. Best of all, when you live in Monroe Street Market, you have plenty of options just outside your door. Give us a call at 866.339.1487 to reserve your place in this burgeoning neighborhood today!