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Organize Your Space at Monroe Street Market

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The world is full of two kinds of people: those who have “junk” drawers, and those who don’t.

If you’re the second kind of person, consider this post a reminder of your already-pristine organization skills. Kudos. For the rest of us, here are some tips to keep your space clean and organized, and take full advantage of your unique corner of Monroe Street Market:


Ahh, the land of two-dollar college spatulas and chip clips. If there’s any space in the apartment that’s ripe for organization, it’s usually the kitchen. First things first: donate the stuff you don’t use, and invest in some quality kitchen tools from Best Kitchen Supply (413 Morse St NE).

While you’re at it, grab some canisters to hold tools you use all the time, like wooden spoons for those chocolate chip cookies you periodically consider baking. Keep everything in the cabinets. For extra space, you have the option to get a movable kitchen island with additional storage. Bonus: check out our post with some nabe shops for kitchen supplies.


Our bathrooms have plenty of built-in cabinetry space, but sometimes, things don’t make it back into said cabinet. If you prefer to have your toiletries in plain sight, consider purchasing an attractive basket or tray to make it look like you left them out on purpose.

No need to leave shampoo and body wash scattered around your tub – check Home Rule for shower caddies and storage. Yelp reviewers claim this store has, “Everything you could possibly need…”. Sounds good to us.

Bedroom Closet

OK, so we know you’ve probably got an awesome walk-in closet. No need to brag. Now, to maximize that space, you’ll need more than a few hangers. Get a few bins to keep miscellaneous items in, like belts or scarves. Keep shoes in one place, whether it’s on a shoe rack or in shelves; you won’t trip all over them on your way to collared shirts.

Oh – and we highly recommend placing a tray on a shelf or on your nightstand that you can throw car keys into (and other important things you’re often losing). But don’t worry about your house keys – we’ve got controlled keyless fob access, remember?

Living Room

Every living room at Monroe Street Market has its own distinct personality – some are just more covered in dog toys, takeout containers, and old magazines than others. If you’re not into that look, and you don’t want to get rid of those items (hey, those old Time mags could be collector’s items in the distant future!), then focus on getting these three things with hidden storage: shelves, coffee table, and dresser/desk. (No, “under the couch” is not a viable option.)

Protip: skip the warehouse and head to Off The Beaten Track (2414 Douglas St NE) or Room & Board (1840 14th St NW) for some unique, quality furniture.

Congratulations. You’ve just tackled the real organization battlegrounds! You can now join the ranks of those who are always company-ready. But if you happen to have something larger – say, a bike – that you’d like to store, we’ve got space for that. Just ask!