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Where to Find Ethiopian-American Cuisine Near Monroe Street Market: Askale Cafe

Ask any of the regulars at Askale Cafe and you'll learn that this place serves up a unique combination of flavors and cooking styles. In fact, this cafe focuses on Ethiopian-American fusion cuisine, which means that the menu is full of dishes like "Bob's Breakfast Scramble" (which is exactly what it sounds like: scrambled eggs with onions and home fries) side by side with traditional Ethiopian breakfasts, like kinche, which is cracked barley simmered with onions turmeric, and spiced butter.

The lunch and dinner menu is similarly split, with items like tuna fish sandwiches (dressed up with Ethiopian spices) featured alongside dishes like azifa, with its slow-simmered lentils, garlic, and lemon served over injera bread. Askale Cafe also features a number of vegetarian and vegan foods, so it’s a good choice for meat-free diners at Monroe Street Market!

Askale Cafe
3629 12th St NE
Washington, DC 20017
(202) 758-0077