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Places to go and things to do when living in Brookland, DC.

Teach Kids About Music, Art and Language at Magic Ground

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There is nothing like showing your kids that a little magic exists in the world. If your child is in need of a dose, take them to Magic Ground in Columbia Heights. Magic Ground is a children’s play place, summer camp and birthday party venue, located just about 10 minutes from Monroe Street...

Enjoy Meat and Vegetarian Dishes With Injera Bread at Letena Ethiopian Restaurant

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Give Letena Ethiopian Restaurant a chance next time you're looking for a quick, casual meal. This brand new DC restaurant serves authentic Ethiopian fare, and though it's been open barely a month, it's already developing quite a following. Ethiopian fare is appealing to folks with a...

A Winter Wonderland in Brookland

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On Friday, December 2nd, Monroe Street Market hosted its inaugural Tree Lighting Event, bringing a flurry of activities to Brookland.  Neighbors and community members gathered for festive performances from Only Make Believe, Take Note Acapella, and Word of Mouth.  They also savored food and...