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Dine on Classic American Fare in a Quirky Setting at Mythology

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Mythology is a whimsical fine dining experience with locally inspired food and a fun mythological theme. You'll find lightning bolts and clouds hanging from the ceiling, as well as quirky props, such as Poseidon’s trident or Thor’s hammer. Certain plates are even a nod to the mythological theme!

Mythology is best known for their frites menu, which includes a variety of “dusted” or “smothered” choices. Try the French onion frites, one of the smothered options, which are covered in melted gruyere cheese and a layer of caramelized onions with a smoked onion aioli dipping sauce. They also have a nice selection of entrees, including steak, seafood, and vegetarian dishes. Locals also rave about their Saturday and Sunday brunch, when they serve four different kinds of Bloody Marys and an appetizing selection of breakfast frittatas, among many other mouthwatering menu items. At Mythology, you’re guaranteed to have a unique yet elegant meal.