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Take a Variety of Yoga Classes at Khepera Wellness

Khepera Wellness is a power yoga studio offering a variety of classes, from the gentle flow of Vinyasa to the more fast-paced Rocket Yoga class. Located inside of the Dance Institute of Washington, Khepera is an inviting studio with hardwood floors, oversized windows, and colorfully painted murals.

Owner Brandon Copeland has created a comfortable space with classes that challenge the mind and body. Try their Powerhouse Class for pumping house music and a smooth, relaxing flow, or the special weekly Trap Yoga class, which mixes yoga with hip hop.

Take advantage of Khepera Wellness's introductory special, which offers $35 for two weeks or $65 for one month of unlimited yoga classes. The entire class schedule is easily accessible on the studio's website, and signing up takes only a few seconds.

Public Domain/Pixabay/jeviniya