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Take a Vinyasa Class at Bluebird Sky Yoga

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Color-packed geometric shapes decorate the walls to the entrance of Bluebird Sky Yoga, a diverse yoga studio settled in the Brookland area. This modern and mindful community strives to provide a space where students can grow on and off their mats, while connecting with the community.

The entire mission behind Bluebird Sky Yoga began is an attempt to combine music, yoga, and art for the Brookland community by participating in local art-focused events and murals. Whether your mission is to practice Ashtanga, Vinyasa, or martial-arts inspired Primal Yoga Flow, or just seeking a better space to set your intentions within, Bluebird Sky Yoga caters to each need in a thoughtful and professional manner. Students say each instructor is incredibly knowledgeable, and for those struggling with a pose, they’re quick to offer suggestions or provide modifications. Explore this charming yoga spot by reserving a space through the online schedule, or visit one of their many community events.