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Build a Fresh, Healthy Meal at Poke Papa

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Washington, DC is home to a diverse population, which greatly contributes to the city's culture and cuisine. That much is obvious at restaurants around the city, like Poke Papa. This eatery brings the flavors of Hawaii to the nation's capital, recreating the fresh and healthy poke bowl using a fast-casual approach.

At Poke Papa, customers can either build their own poke bowls or opt for an already designed bowl. If you decide to customize your creation, start with the size, from two to four scoops of protein. Then pick a base, such as white or brown rice, mixed greens, or black "forbidden" rice, which is chock full of antioxidants. Next, load on the protein, from the classic Ahi tuna poke to lomi salmon or even larb chicken. Next, select sauces, toppings, and sprinkles of sesame seeds or coconut flakes, which you add yourself at the self-serve bar.