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Places to go and things to do when living in Brookland, DC.

See the “Bound to Amaze” Exhibit at the National Museum of Women in the Arts

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The National Museum of Women in the Arts is playing host to a new exhibit that pays homage to both book lovers and artists themselves. The exhibit is called "Bound to Amaze: Inside a Book-Collecting Career" and it showcases nearly 1,000 acquisitions made by Krystyna Wasserman, the...

Check Out Up-and-Coming Artists at Wohlfarth Galleries

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Lavinia Wohlfarth, AKA "Vinnie," spent nearly two decades making a name for herself as a restaurateur before taking a sharp turn in her career. In 1987, she decided to open her own art gallery. And so the first installment of Wohlfarth Galleries was born in Washington, DC. It was followed...

Local Produce Awaits at the Weekly Monroe Street Farmers Market

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Just because you reside in a city doesn’t mean you’re any less entitled to fresh produce than someone who lives in the country. The Monroe Street Farmers Market ensures that everyone has access to farm-fresh food, including city dwellers, by bringing a lineup of local vendors to the...