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Stellina Pizzeria Serves Authentic Italian Fare

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Stellina Pizzeria is the brainchild of two Italian immigrants, Antonia Matarazzo and Matteo Venini, who have been friends since childhood. For years, they dreamed of opening up a casual pizzeria that serves neo-Neapolitan pies with creative toppings that speak to the modern American palate. 

Now they’ve done so, and the early reviews are looking good. The classic margherita pie is a big hit, as is the prosciutto and mushroom pie, while the pasta dishes are served perfectly al dente. Regulars especially recommend the house-made paccheri with slow-simmered ragu. The space itself is modern and airy, with bright red and white tiles lining the open kitchen, and large-format pop art hanging on the walls. Insider tip: make the most of the menu by ordering dishes from multiple sections and sharing it all family-style.