Places to go and things to do when living in Brookland, DC.

Discover What Went Down at The Art in The Mix Festival

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Over 500 people attended our fabulous Art In The Mix Festival on October 26. Children and adults alike partook in the festivities exploring the 27 different artist studios, delicious local food and the Q&A and book signing with the famous photographer, the Sartorialist....

Support Mens’ Health With Monroe Street Market!

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Hey all you Mo' Bros and Mo' Sistas, we're calling on you to help us promote mens' health by participating in Movember! Here's how you can help: Submit a picture of your mustache on our Facebook page and for each submission, Monroe Street Market will donate $5 to Movember. If you can't grow your...

Visit Rosslyn’s Artisphere

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Washington, D.C. is a hub of art and creativity and one of the most innovative art spaces, Artisphere, is just a short hop from Monroe Street Market apartments, providing an easy escape into the creative realm....