Places to go and things to do when living in Brookland, DC.

It's The People That Make MSM: The Exclusive Interview with David Raley

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When you live at Bozzuto's luxurious D.C. community of Monroe Street Market, there's a LOT to love. From lush features to unbeatable amenities, it's basically a 24/7 comfort zone that's close to some of D.C.'s premier dining and retail. However, it's the people of Monroe Street Market that provide...

Don't Miss The Monroe Street Market Grand Opening Event On October 2-4!

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Brookland is finally ready to officially welcome Monroe Street Market to the neighborhood with a Grand Opening Extravaganza!...

What's Happening at Brookland Works? Peek Behind the Scenes in These Exclusive Videos!

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NE Washington, DC is currently going through a massive revitalization and is arguably one of the most dynamic quadrants in the District today. With plenty of shops, restaurants, and nightlife destinations popping up almost daily, it’s quickly becoming an even more desirable location for potential...