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Unpack a Spring Picnic at Fort Totten Park

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As summer approaches, there’s no reason that you and your family need to stop learning in the warmer weather. What better place to learn something new than at a historical Civil War fort like Fort Totten? This National Park was constructed between 1861 and 1863 as a high point just three miles north of the Capitol. With 20 guns and mortars, it helped to support the Union defense during the 1864 Confederate attack on Fort Stevens. 

Of course, you don’t need to be a history buff to enjoy a visit to Fort Totten. The park is picturesque and features multiple trails leading through the wooded area surrounding the fort. While the National Park Service has discouraged mountain bikers from riding near the Fort in hopes of further preserving the site, it’s a serene and solemn spot to walk the paths and take some time to think. 

Whether you visit Fort Totten for its historical significance or for some peace and quiet with a lovely view, you just might learn something along the way. Read through the historical markers or do some research on the Civil War yourself to embrace the history of the spot. Or give yourself some time to think through your day-to-day concerns with a calming walk. Either way, Fort Totten is a must-visit spot.