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Places to go and things to do when living in Brookland, DC.

What’s Your Favorite Cookie at Uncle Chip’s?

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Most people have a memory—or many—of spending time with their loved ones in the kitchen. For Uncle Chip’s owner, Shannon, the classic nostalgia of a chocolate chip cookie has even more associated with it. The company began after rounds of taste-testing with friends, co-workers, and others...

Le Diplomate: A Taste of France Delivered to Your Door

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Hungry? You don’t need to leave your apartment for a delicious dinner option, even if you aren’t in the mood to cook for yourself. Le Diplomate offers delivery via Caviar or DoorDash so you can order the food of your choice from the couch. You’re most likely scrolling through your phone...

How to Make Your Apartment Feel Like a Summer Oasis

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Summer is in full swing! That means fresh, local food at the farmers’ market, warm walks in the park, and maybe even a picnic or two. It also means you should start thinking about freshening up the decor in your apartment. Here are a few simple decorating ideas to help you welcome summer into...