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Need-to-Know Tips for a Successful Summer Camping Trip

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Planning a camping trip this summer? Getting outdoors is a fun and safe option for a couple’s or a family vacation, but you’ll fare better if you’re prepared! Here are a few tips for newbies.

• Know your options. You don’t have to dive right into tent camping if you’re a novice! Many campsites offer alternatives like car camping or RV camping. You can even rent a cabin and try a bit of glamping instead.

• Practice pitching your tent. Never pitched a tent before? Do yourself a favor and practice at your Georgetown University apartment. Having a trial run will better prepare you for the real deal, so you can spend more time roasting s’mores and less time wrestling with complicated instructions and uncooperative stakes.

• Use a garbage bag to avoid damp clothes. If you plan to hike to your camping destination, it’s important that you’re prepared for summer showers. Make sure your spare clothes stay dry by lining your backpack with a garbage bag and sealing it tight.

• Do some food prep at home. If you’re planning to do most of your cooking over a campfire, getting the ingredients ready at home can make the experience quicker and more enjoyable. For instance, chop up some veggies and toss them in a cooler so you have kabobs practically ready to go. Don’t forget to bring your favorite coffee!

• Game on. Make the most out of your time in the great outdoors and swap your usual screens for entertainment of the wireless variety—think board games, card games, and books. Bring smaller, more compact games that won’t take up a lot of space in your backpack or the trunk of your car. 

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