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Jane Jane Is a Trendy New Cocktail Bar Near Monroe Street Market

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A new, exciting bar near Monroe Street Market, Jane Jane serves delicious cocktails and bar snacks. If you’re looking for a cozy bar to unwind for a bit in a quaint, warm setting, you’ve come to the right place! Upon arrival, you’ll find plenty of seating from the bar to booths, stools, and tables. You’ll also get to take in the vibrancy of the place with vintage wallpaper and multi-colored tiles with shades of yellow, white, and blue on the floor, adding an upbeat style to the atmosphere. If you like, you can also sit outdoors on their patio and get some much-needed fresh air while you sip a fruity cocktail.

They have beverages ranging from cocktails, beer, and cider to wine, whiskey, non-alcoholic, and a few others. Not sure what drink piques your interest the most? Try one of the house features on the menu! A few on the list include Pink Corvair, Mezcal 75, and Crop Top. Each beverage has unique ingredients that add rich, bold flavor to your drink, like their Pink Corvair (created with vodka, curacao, lemon juice, and grenadine). The bar snacks they serve include okra, warm marinated olives, mixed nuts, onion dip, and more.