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Memorial Day Parade 2023

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This year, Memorial Day is honored on May 29, 2023. Monroe Street Market is proud to celebrate Memorial Day as a federal United States holiday that honors America’s military members who have lost their lives in service to our country. Always observed on the last Monday of the month of May. 

For a lot of Americans, Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer. Many people attend parades, go to the beach, or have barbeques with family and friends- which can be hosted right here at Monroe Street Market. But at its core, Memorial Day is a yearly remembrance for those who have sacrificed their lives in the military service. 

Each year, throughout a television broadcast, a Memorial Day Parade is broadcasted as a tribute to our Nation’s fallen heroes. Presented by Boeing returns live to Constitution Avenue this Memorial Day, May 29, at 2:00 PM. Whether you come to watch live, in-person, or on television from around the country, or the world, the story of American sacrifice is shared from Washington DC to Monroe Street Market and beyond. 

The Annual Memorial Day Parade takes place alongside Constitution Ave NW and lasts until roughly 5 pm. The Parade features marching bands, floats, performers, and veterans promenading down the Constitution! The steps of the National Archives are a very popular place to watch the parade, so make sure to arrive early.