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Places to go and things to do when living in Brookland, DC.

"Little Rome:" Exploring Brookland History

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Whether you grew up in Brookland or just moved into Monroe Street Market’s famed neighborhood, there’s plenty of history to uncover. Often deemed “Little Rome,” this neighborhood is known for wide streets canopied with foliage and a slower pace. Don’t be fooled, though - the undercurrent...

Catalyst Projects – Expanding the D.C. Arts Scene

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D.C. has long been a center for artistic expression and arts appreciation. Home to dozens of museums and galleries and even a post-secondary school for the arts, the District is considered a major hub! Beyond the realm of artistic institutions, the city itself possesses a style that can be seen...

Visit Rosslyn’s Artisphere

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Washington, D.C. is a hub of art and creativity and one of the most innovative art spaces, Artisphere, is just a short hop from Monroe Street Market apartments, providing an easy escape into the creative realm....