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Places to go and things to do when living in Brookland, DC.

The Doors Are Open to Target’s Columbia Heights’s Location

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Twitter’s @lolteresa writes, “bored? go to target. hungry? go to target. depressed? go to target. stressed? go to target.” And truly, Target proves itself to be a one-stop-shop time and again, whatever your mood or shopping needs. From grocery runs to a new swimsuit just in time for beach...

Order Takeout Tonight From Brookland Pint

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Have you ever wanted to help protect the Earth while enjoying a great meal (and a great brew)? At Brookland Pint, you can do just that. According to owner John Andrade, the restaurant was founded with environmental sustainability at its forefront. From what they serve to how they serve it,...

Essential Spring Cleaning Tips for Renters

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Spring has arrived! Get your apartment ready for the season with these spring cleaning tips. Get rid of anything you don’t need. The first step in spring cleaning should always be ousting any extra clutter. Donate clothing, kitchen items, and anything else you don’t use on a regular...